Saturday, April 28, 2012

from the ashes....

Over the past few months, since my mom's house burned down just before Christmas, Laura and I have been recovering and restoring our family foties. They were in Duncan's office which was pretty well the epicentre of the fire. The Sir Charles Tupper settee was incinerated and it looked like all the albums were destroyed too but on closer inspection we found they were salvageable. So we salvaged them.

The black and white oldies, we're finding, are much easier to extract from the albums than the colour photos. The only problem with the oldies is there isn't a lot of explanation about who the people are. I showed a bunch to my mom a week ago and she had no clue who any of the people are ~ kind of discouraged. The next oldie album we started in on seemed to be another waste of time. But we forged on and were richly rewarded with this....

It's an original watercolour painted in 1883 by my ancestor HH St. George (my middle name is St. George). I still have to research exactly who HH is but the find has made me eager to dig deeper.

It's so exciting to find and see artwork that was created by an ancestor. My Grandfather and Great Aunt  (on my dad's side) were both artists but I didn't know I had artists on the other side of the fam until now. Makes me happy!

To round out the find, this was also in the album.... and to think we were going to toss the album without even looking through it first! No date on this one but the signature is also HH StG.

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